FAQs and Shipping Info

Shipping Info: 

     Domestic Shipping:

          Nail Polish Strips ONLY orders: $1 with FREE shipping over $35 - OR - you can select to pay for USPS Tracking with Delivery Confirmation for $3.

          -Dip Powders and Mixed Shipping: $4 with FREE shipping over $35 (USPS Tracking with Delivery Confirmation Included)

     International Shipping:

          -Nail Polish Strips ONLY: Due to the price increase of international shipping, Nail Polish Strips shipping will cost $5 and shipped in a flat, standard mailing envelope. If the order contains more than 5 or 6 strips, they will be shipped in separate envelopes. 

          -At this time, nail polish strips are the only items that will ship internationally. Other items have been getting caught up in Customs and Dip Powders/Liquids are subject to further scrutiny.

          *Dip powders and other non-nail polish strip items will not be shipped internationally.

I strive to ship as fast as possible. I am a one person team, so it may take a couple of days to pack and ship your order. 

*Currently there are major international shipping delays. For example, some shipments to Germany are taking up to 2 months. Customs is scrutinizing packages and airlines are running with less airplanes than ever before. Please be patient. 


How many nail polish strips come in a pack? This number varies from 14 to 22 depending on the type of strips. 

Is a tracking number available? Yes, with orders over $35 or the paid for tracking option.

What are nail polish strips? They are strips of real nail polish, already dry, and ready to apply without the mess and drying time of bottled nail polish. 

Can nail polish strips be used on top of artificial nails and dip powders? Yes, nail polish strips can be applied on top of acrylic, gel, and dip powder nails. 

Can nail polish strips be used under artificial nails and dip powders? Some gels will apply on top of nail polish strips. A gel base coat is recommended but may not stick. I cannot guarantee that this will work, but I have been successful with gels that have a base coat and top coat. 

How do you remove nail polish strips? Non-acetone nail polish remover will remove nail polish strips.

Is a top coat required for nail polish strips? No, but it may help with longevity and shininess. I recommend Sally Hansen No Light Miracle Gel, Step 2. It is my favorite! It dries super fast and comes in shiny and matte finishes. I have also tested a few others and these also work well: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat, Out The Door, Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Topcoat, Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat, Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. Some top coats will cause bubbles to form or make the wraps gummy or sticky. Test any top coats before deciding on which one you will use. 

Why are my nail polish strips lifting? Your strips have been on too long, you didn't prep the nail prior to application or you applied the polish strip on your cuticle. It is very important to not let lifting remain. Moisture can seep into the lifted area and bacteria can form. Remove the polish strip as soon as you notice lifting. *Always avoid the cuticle during application

How long do nail polish strip manicures last? Without a top coat, nail polish strip manicures will last from 7 to 14 days depending on your nail prep, application and daily activities. To prolong manicures, make sure to prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles, cleaning your nails thoroughly and avoiding your cuticles when applying your strips (a small gap is ok). 

What are dip powders? Dip powder is an alternative to other typical artificial nail enhancements such as acrylic, gel and fiberglass. Dips are accomplished with layers of acrylic polymer and nail glue. Dips are fast and require less soak time than acrylics and gels. 

Help! My dip liquid bottle lids are stuck! What do I do? Once they are stuck it can be difficult to open again. Try not to let the base and top coat liquid ever run down the threads of the bottle. If it does get stuck, use a rubber band or rubber lid opener to try and coax it open. If the liquid does make its way to the bottle threading, wipe with a lint free paper towel and even add a little acetone to the paper towel to wipe it off before re-inserting the brush. 

Why is my base or top coat stringy or thick? You've gotten too much powder on the brush OR you've swiped the base or top coat on top of activator that has not fully dried OR your brush has been exposed to too much air. 

Why does my completed dip manicure look dull or streaky? The activator was not fully dry when the top coat was applied. Try wiping your nail after applying the activator next time. OR you did not use enough activator and the powder and base coat did not fully set. 

Why do I have bubbles in my finished dip manicure? You may have air trapped in your brush. Wipe your brush on a paper towel to clean and refresh it. You can also then use a brush saver, then wipe it thoroughly, then you should be good to go. OR you did not use enough base coat on top of the powder layer and air got trapped between the powder or glitter particles. 

Why are my dips cracking or chipping? You may need to add another layer of dips to your nails, especially for longer nails that may tend to be bendy. Also make sure to prep your nails really well by buffing off the shine, pushing back cuticles, removing hidden cuticles and cleaning your nails really well prior to application. 

Why are my dips lifting? Your manicure has been on too long, you didn't prep the nail prior to application or you got dipping powder or liquids on your cuticle. It is very important to not let lifting remain. Moisture can seep into the lifted area and bacteria can form. Remove the nail dip as soon as you notice lifting. *Always avoid the cuticle during application

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