Prismatic Sunset Dip Starter Kit



Prismatic Sunset Deep Lemon Yellow Dip Powder (1/3oz)

Prismatic Sunset Pink Pop Dip Powder (1/3oz)

Prismatic Sunset Deep Fuchsia Dip Powder (1/3oz)

Prismatic Sunset Glimmering Periwinkle Dip Powder (1/3oz)

Prismatic Sunset Medium Sky Blue Dip Powder (1/3oz)

Prismatic Sunset Medium Teal Dip Powder (1/3oz)


Step 1 Base Coat (.25fl oz)

Step 2 Activator (.25fl oz)

Step 3 Top Coat (.25fl oz)

Step 4 Brush Saver (.25fl oz)


Mermaid Case

Cuticle Oil Pen

Nail File

Nail Buffer

Cuticle Stick

Duster Brush


*Product picture is with 2 dips

Prismatic Sunset Dip Starter Kit

  • Each product is inspected prior to shipping however if it is defective or you experience issues with application, contact me for a replacement or refund.
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