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Nail Polish/ZGEL Wrap Application, Tips & Tricks

Just peel, stick and GO! No heat, puckering or extra tools needed! They are already dry! Most people get 10-14 days wear out of a manicure and over 30 days for a pedicure!


My absolute favorite top coat is New York Minute - if you want to extend your manicure, you can apply this right on top of your nail polish strips (waiting for a bit to let the wraps cure). *Don't forget to cap your nail tips.


Orly Top 2 Bottom is AMAZING! It is available HERE.

You can apply this right on top of your nail polish strips (waiting for a bit to let the wraps cure). *Don't forget to cap your nail tips.

Are you prone to peeling or brittle nails? Prior to applying nail polish strips, you can use products like Suck It Up to protect your nails.


Use a non-acetone nail polish remover when possible. Mineral Fusion is gentle, yet effective and is available through a partnership program with Colorado Nail Girl, HERE

Use cuticle oil to help protect your cuticles and keep your nails healthy

If you use acetone to remove glitter strips, make sure you moisturize your nails after with a good quality cuticle oil. 


Nail Polish Application, Tips & Tricks


Gel Polish Application, Tips & Tricks


Dip Powder Application, Tips & Tricks

How To Apply Dips For Website.jpg

*Don't forget to shake or stir your powder!


  • File off shiny layer

  • Soak nails in acetone for 10 minutes

  • Wipe nails with a paper towel and gently file to remove dip powder

  • Repeat process until they are removed

  *Remove as much of the shiny layer prior to soaking in acetone as possible to reduce soak time

   *100% acetone is most effective to remove the dip layers. Anything less will not remove or will take forever

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your dip powders and kits:

  • Always store your dip liquids upright and out of direct sunlight

  • Use cuticle oil or acetone around the threading of your base and top coat liquids to prevent lid freezing

  • Shake or stir your powder jar before use - glitter can settle to the top or bottom

  • Always use a cutcile stick to clean around your cuticle area immediately after dipping

  • Use a baggie over your finger to press down glitter after dipping - this will prevent crazy glitter (glitter pieces sticking up everywhere)

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